Italo - Italy's high-speed train

Italo - Italian high-speed train

Italo is the commercial name of the high-speed trains operated by NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori). Established in 2012, Italo's Alstom AGV trains are designed to travel at up to 360km/h and are the same model as the train used to set the 2007 world record for train speeds.

NTV founded by four Italian managers: Luca di Montezemolo former chairman of Ferrari, Diego Della Valle, Gianni Punzo and Giuseppe Sciarrone. Once work on the operations began in 2008 the founders were joined by several other partners: Intesa San Paolo, Generali Financial Holdings Fcp-Fis, Alberto Bombassei and later SNCF.

NTV's Italo forms a fleet of 25 trains, each offering superior comfort, service and entertainment.

Top 3 most popular Routes and travel duration

  1. Milan to Venice with Italo - 2 hours 25 minutes
  2. Venice to Rome with Italo - 3 hours 20 minutes
  3. Rome to Naples with Italo - 1 hour 10 minutes

Did you know?

  • Italo offers Casa Italo at selected stations. These are great places to seek Italo staff assistance, sit and relax while waiting for your train or use the free wifi.
  • Prima & Club class offer complimentary coffee, soft drinks, wine or prosecco.
  • Get an 'Eataly' lunch box onboard a Prima or Club service.

In the future

Italo's 10 core beliefs that will lead the train travel in Italy into the future are;
1. Italo believes travelling is a right for business, work, study or pleasure and should be available at a fair quality/price ratio.
2. Safety, Environment and Energy must be considered in all Italo transport endeavours.
3. Italo insists that their service is a choice that improves the quality of life of travellers
4. Italo believes in the ability of the train to create an environmentally friendly transport system at both the highspeed and regional level
5. Italo delivers the freedom to choose between rail carriers in Italy
6. Italo guarantees everyone will enjoy a comfortable, clean and a high level of punctuality.
7. Italo trains for everyone will offer 3 new ambiences, modern design, high quality materials and a range of service levels
8. Italo is happy to provide assistance from the moment travellers decide to journey with Italo to their arrival at the other end. Travellers can expect to receive appropriate assistance.
9. Polite and willing staff who operate in stations and onboard services Italo welcomes travellers to a new style of travel.
10. Italo is in intent to continue to improve and innovate in understanding of travellers expectations.

Why travel with Italo

Italo services have a gihg level of comfort onboard, new, bright and stylish. With leather seating, carpeted floors and spacious legroom, Italo delivers a supreme travel experience for your journey.

Catering is available at all levels of travel with Italo. Vending machines offer coffee and snacks in smart class. Prima and Club offer food served at the seat in innovative lunch boxes and a range of refreshments.

Italo is intent on reaching an expected hourly service between hub cities like Florence, Rome, Naples and Milan. Italo offers one of the easiest transfer from Paris to Rome with a easy transfer in its Milan hub of Milano Porta Garibaldi.

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