Spanish Railway (RENFE)


A history

The history of Renfe (Spanish National Railways Network) began in 1941, with the unifying of private railway companies into a single state-owned company.

Renfe responsibility was the trains, carriages and 12,401 km of tracks. In 1975, the railways transitioned from steam to diesel and later electrical engines. These changes set off a chain reaction and a catalyst for growth. Renfe become Spain's transport system known for efficiency in both goods and passengers.

The year 1992 saw an important milestone in Renfe's history with the opening of a high-speed route from Madrid to Seville. In 2005 Renfe split its responsibility for track and station management to be the sole provider of freight and passenger rail transportation.

Recently (2010-2012), Renfe oversaw the implementation of the '1000 days, 10 challenges' strategic plan to consolidate its position as a benchmark railway operator.

Top 3 most popular Routes and travel duration

1. Madrid-Barcelona via AVE fast train arrives in Approx 3 hours
2. Madrid Valencia via AVE fast train arrives in Approx 1 hour 40minutes
3. Madrid Seville via AVE fast train arrives in Approx 2 hours 20minutes

Did you know?

- Renfe sponsors the Guggenheim Museum
- Renfe promoted the Medieval train to Sijuenze, Strawberry Train and Cervantes train.
- The Spanish rail network now covers 15,665 km of track?

In the future

Renfe is focusing its efforts on providing a service in which excellence is paramount, offering customers a service complying with the highest standards of punctuality, accessibility, safety and quality, and ensuring the needs of passengers are met.

Why travel with Renfe

When it comes to linking a Mediterranean nation like Spain by rail, Renfe certainly exceed expectations. Using a high-tech eTicket system, new age App integration and local retailers it's no wonder Spain by rail is such a popular choice for Australian travellers.

Renfe offers a variety of day and night services with comfort and fares to match any budget, taking the hassle out of choosing rail travel.

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