The story behind the TGV Train

TGV or Train a Grande Vitesse are at the forefront hihg-speed long distance. Owbed by SNCF, TGV services run up to 320km/h on a network that spans several cities and towns across France.

Services were developed in 1970 by GEC-Alsthom (now known as Alstom) in conjunction with SNCF. However it was first proposed in the 1960's in light of Japan's Shinkansen. The inaugural service began its Paris to Lyon route in 1981.

In 2007, TGV set the world record for the fastest wheeled train reaching astounding speeds of 574 km/h. SNCF President, Louis Gallois is reported to have declared TGV as the "The train that saved French railways".

Top 3 most popular Routes and travel duration

  1. Paris to Bordeaux - 3 hours 20 minutes (approxiametly)
  2. Paris to Marseille -3 hours 20 minutes (approxiametly)
  3. Paris to Lyon - 2 hours (approxiametly)

Did you know?

  • Since 1981 there have been an estimated 2 billion passengers onboard TGV services.
  • Originally TGV was intended to be called Tres Grande Vitesse (very high speed) or turbine grande vitesse (high speed turbine) after initial planning saw the development of turbine base engine.
  • The routes TGV travel on are called LGV (ligne grande vitesse) high-speed lines.
  • TGV is owned by SNCF along with IDTGV, OUIGO, Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria, NTV, TGV Italie & Westbahn.

In the future

SNCF operates a diligent research, innovation & development (RID) division. Created in 2010 it focuses on key issues - infrastructure maintenance, energy consumption, mass transit innovation, mobility, eco design, safety and more.

SNCF is the single largest electricity consumer in France a large portion of this owning to the TGV services. SNCF accounts for 1.5% of all of energy usage in France. 2012 saw the appointment of two executive committees to work exclusively towards achieving a transition to lower energy consumption. SNCF aims to lower consumption by 20% in the year 2020.

Why to travel with TGV

Travelling with TGV is always a delightful experience. Operating in a smooth and quiet fashion as the TGV whisks you away across the French countryside. Read a book on-board, use a laptop or simply relax with a glass of red in hand.

With TGV's 450 trains servicing 230 destinations, exploring France by rail is the best option.

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