Thalys Train

The story behind the Thalys

Thaly's history begins in 1924 with the express service connecting Paris and Brussels in 2 hour and 50 minutes. Thalys is an international high-speed train operator originally built around the LGV Nord high-speed line between Paris and Brussels.

The decision to build a high-speed railway between Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam was made in 1987 to drastically shorten the duration of the journey. On the 4th of June 1996, the first train left Paris bound for Belgium and The Netherlands taking 1.05hrs to Brussels and 4.5 hours to Amsterdam.


  1. Amsterdam to Paris - 3 hours 18 minutes
  2. Paris to Brussels - 1 hour 22 minutes
  3. Paris to Cologne - 3 hour 50 minutes

Did you know?

  • The majority of Thalys customers (approximately 48%) are business travellers.
  • Once you have made a reservation for Thalys, you are eligible to apply for a loyalty card which gets you free access into the lounges in Brussels. This means, free alcoholic beverages and a massage chair.
  • In Winter there are extra services to the Alps every Saturday

In the future

Passenger growth has been spectacular since the opening of the LGV Nord-Europe and Belge high-speed lines. With demand likely to increase when journey times reduce further, Thalys is considering increasing capacity. Ideas include double-deck TGV Duplex trailers, as used by SNCF, and greater service frequency.

Why travel Thalys?

Thalys is an extremely reliable and rewarding service. The journeys are very short compared to most European train services. It's known for its comfort and exceptionally professional staff always willing to assist.

Thalys offers a variety of day and night services with comfort and fares to match any budget, taking the hassle out of choosing rail travel.

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