Thalys Train

Travel to and from Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne or Brussels.

The Thalys train is Europe's international high speed train travelling at a speed of up to 300 km/h. Thalys' bright red colour gives it its signature nickname 'The Red Train'. Thalys connects Paris to Belgium, the Netherlands and western Germany making it easy to travel freely in these regions. Journeys on the Thalys are fast efficient services with excellent punctuality and hassle free boarding. Enjoy seamless travel experience with no lengthy check-ins, requirement to clear customs, cross border delays or laborious luggage procedures.


Thalys Routes

The fastest way to travel Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


Thalys Train from Amsterdam to Paris - 3hrs 18mins

Thalys Train from Paris to Brussels - 1hr 22mins

Thalys Train from Paris to Cologne - 3hrs 50mins


 Thalys train

Thalys Travel Times and Departure Frequency

RoutingTravel TimeFrequency
Brussels-Amsterdam1h53Up to 11 round trips per day
Brussels-Cologne1h341 round trip per day
Brussels-Dusseldorf1h201 round trip per day
Paris-Amsterdam3h18Up to 11 round trips per day
Paris-Brussels1h22Up to 24 round trips per day
Paris-Duisburg4h011 round trip per day
Paris-Dusseldorf3h471 round trip per day
Paris-Rotterdam2h36Up to 10 round trips per day
Paris-Cologne3h14Up to 5 round trips per day
Amsterdam - Lille2h42Up to 2 round trips per day

Thalys Requirements

  • Thalys can be reserved 90 days prior to the train departure date.
  • Reservations are compulsory.
  • Eurail Passholders are welcome, however a seat reservation fee is payable.

Thalys Passholder Fares

There are 2 types of Passholder fares available for Thalys tickets. If you have purchased a Eurail or Benelux pass you are eligible for discounted Thalys point to point tickets.

Passholder 1: The following passes cover the entire Thalys route.

  • Eurail Global Pass
  • Eurail Select Pass
  • Eurail Single/Multi Benelux Pass (valid only on sectors between Belgium and the Netherlands)
  • Benelux-France (not valid for Thalys destinations in Germany).
  • Germany-Benelux (only valid in Bruxelles-Amsterdam/Cologne).

Passholder 2: Pass covering partially the Thalys sector

  • France Rail Pass
  • Eurail Benelux-France
  • France-Germany
  • France-Italy
  • France-Spain
  • France-Switzerland
  • Benelux - Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Please Note: German Rail Pass is not valid on Thalys routes to Germany.

ABS Fare (All Belgian Stations): Your international Thalys ticket is valid for 1 journey between any of the stations on the national Belgian network and one of the following stations: Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid, Antwerpen Berchem/Antwerpen Centraal or Liège-Guillemins.


Thalys Ticket Classes
First Class and Second Class.


Thalys First Class

Enjoy a complimentary meal and drinks. Relax in style in large reclining seats with complimentary newspapers for light reading. All first class passengers have access to free Wi-Fi on-board as well as in-seat power sockets to charge your laptop, camera or smartphone.

First Class Complimentary Meal & Drinks
 First class travel - Thalys First class Tickets
First Class Tickets have Free Wifi Access
 first class travel thalys wifi jpg
Large reclining seats for your comfort
 First class travel with Thalys - Large Reclining seat & complimentary newsletter

Thalys Second Class

Second class seats also have in-seat power sockets to charge your laptop, camera or smartphone.

Both classes have access to the bar car for refreshments.

Second Class Seating Arrangements
 Second Class Seating Arrangements
Second Class Seating Booths
 Second Class Seating Booths
Second Class Luggage Storage
 Second Class Luggage Storage