Variety of rail products

Travelling the world by train is one of the wisest decisions that you can make. Rail Guru offers worldwide train tickets and rail passes - one of the widest ranges of rail products online. Our many partnerships with leading railways in Europe, the UK, Asia and America means we can provide travellers easy access to worldwide rail travel. Overseas train travel has never been easier! Rail Guru has the ticket (or rail pass) to suit every need and budget.

Exploring Europe

Japan Rail Pass
Eurail Pass

If you're looking to make your way through Europe, but aren't particularly sure where to start, we have just the ticket for you.

The five versions of the Eurail pass allow you to visit over 20 countries on just a single rail pass. The Eurail Global Continuous Pass is best for multiple countries as it allows you explore up to 28 European countries by train with discounted seat reservations.

Or you might be heading to just three or four countries with a Eurail Single Country Pass for a more intimate exploration of one nation.

A Japanese jaunt

Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass

If you fancy a trip to the Land Of The Rising Sun, we have you covered there, too. Rail Guru's Japan rail pass allows you to hop on board the country's fleet of Shinkansen (bullet trains). You will hurtle off into the distance at eye-melting speeds of over 300 kilometres per hour.

The Japan rail pass is one of the fastest passes to sell as they are such great value for money. They will cost you less than a return ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto. Remember, Japan Rail passes can only be purchased outside of the country, so book your JR Pass lightning fast with the Guru today!

Where to next?

Rail Guru isn't stopping there - we are continually adding new destinations to our itinerary all the time, so keep a beady eye on our website and see where you might want to visit next! Hint, next stop is the country that made basketball, baseball and bourbon famous.

What's more, we have forged many great, long-lasting partnerships with rail companies all over the world. These include the iconic Eurostar, which makes it way, deep beneath the English Channel between Britain and France in less than 20 minutes. There is also the ultra-fast Thalys, a network which covers much of western Europe and will whisk you from Paris to Amsterdam in under 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Train travel is a great way to enjoy the local experience from the moment you get on board. Sit back, rest and relax, be drawn into a book or just gaze out of the window as the ever-changing landscape flies past from the comfort of your train seat.

We offer the most extensive range of countries and destinations available by rail. When looking to book your grand overseas rail adventure, look no further than Rail Guru.