Japan by Rail

Explore it all, from the ancient wonders to the modern beauty of Japan with a Japan rail pass (JR pass).

Japan has a state of the art rail system famous across the world. Delve into this country of contrasts on high speed trains from hi-tech Tokyo to ancient castles and soothing hot springs. There are a range of passes to suit every itinerary.

Rail passes for Japan

Japan Rail Pass

Unlimited travel on Japan railways, affiliated buses and ferries. Includes travel on most Shinkansen trains. More

JR Hokkaido Pass

Rail travel on the Island of Hokkaido. More

JR Kyushu Rail Pass

Rail travel on the island of Kyushu. More

JR Northern Kyushu Pass

Covers rail travel in the Northern part of the Island of Kyushu More

JR Kansai Wide Area Rail Pass

Rail travel in the wider Kansai Area including Shiga,Tsuruga, the Nankai Area, the Okayama Area and Kinosaki-Onsen. More

JR Pass Cherry Blossom Season March

Unlimited train travel on Japan railways during cherry blossom season More

Suica Card Japan (Metro Card)

The Suica Card is the easiest way to travel on some of Japans major cities public transport systems. More