UK Discounted Fares

How to book your ticket

To book an individual train you can use our live booking tool above. Simply type in your departure and arrival city along with a date and time. Please note, trains may not come up in your search if your travel date is too far in advance. UK discounted Advance fares can only be booked a maximum of 12 weeks before the trains departure date.

Britrail discounted tickets allow you the chance to purchase the best available price for each journey, discounts of between 15% and 60% on Britains National railway network.

  • All tickets are e-vouchers and instant purchase. Refund and reissue conditions are strict and to find out more please click here.
  • The fares come in three types each with different conditions as below:

Anytime Fares

With these fares you can travel on any train at any time of the day, any day of the week on your chosen date of travel. Seat reservations are not included with this fare.

Off-Peak Fares

These tickets are priced lower than 'Anytime' fares, but are only available for travel on Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak services on chosen date(s) of travel. Remember, you can travel with all these tickets at any time on weekends and public holidays. However time restrictions apply:
They are valid any time at weekends, and after 10:30am on Monday-Fridays. They are also not valid on trains leaving London (or Reading, Watford, Luton or Stevenage) between 15:00-19:00 Mondays-Fridays. Seat reservations are not included with this fare.

Advance Fares

These tickets are single (one-way) tickets for selected journeys available in First Class and Standard Class, offering the best available price for each journey, discounts of between 15% and 60%. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are subject to availability. Advance tickets go on sale up to 12 weeks before travel. These tickets come with an automatic seat reservation.

How to collect your ticket

  • Fares are e-vouchers also known as TOD (Ticket on delivery).
  • Tickets must be collected locally at the self-ticket machines, located at most train stations or from a ticket window.
  • Tickets cannot be booked or collected from Heathrow Airport.
  • Britrail Discounted fares e-voucher collection guide.